Blu-Ray Region Code Info

I've gathered the list from all different sources around the internet, as I need a good reference for Region Free (and Region Locked) Blu-Ray, to know which ones are safe to buy.

Blu-Ray Region Code Info

Workaround for Shoot 'Em Up and Hairspray Region Codes

Some New Line releases seem to have Region Locks which are easy to get around. So far Shoot 'Em Up, Hairspray, Mr. Woodcock and Rush Hour 3 have been found to have this kind of coding. Read more about how to get around the region code check from AVForums. Remember this workaround is something that might stop working after a PS3 firmware update (even after Stand-Alone machine firmware update). So use this info "with care".

Different Region Codes

Blu-Ray region codes have been separated in three different zone, as pictured below:

Quick country/territory reference guide to Blu-Ray Regions:
Region A: North America, Central America, South America, Japan, Taiwan, North Korea, South Korea, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.
Region B: Europe, Greenland, French territories, Middle East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.
Region C: India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Mainland China, Pakistan, Russia, Central and South Asia.

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